Vegetarian meal

This and That

It’s of the opinion of many people that vegetarian food is healthier than eating dishes with meat. You obviously have a big variety of vegetables, fruits and all kind of stuff which fits into a balanced vegetarian diet. Organic products can be found nowadays in every town. It’s advisable to choose for your vegetarian diet only the best quality available, whenever possible from organic production. There are available a lot of recipes on a wide range of vegetarian dishes – very popular is also the Mediterranean cuisine which offers a variety of vegetables, salads and all the other delicious ingredients you may need for a delightful dinner. You should never forget using spices and fresh herbs, which is of utmost importance in all vegetarian meals. Spices and herbs are essential to give the exquisite touch to any vegetarian dish.
You begin your day with fresh fruits, put them in a bowl add some yoghurt mix them with various nuts and you will start your day with plenty of energy. For lunch you prepare a vegetarian couscous with plenty of spices, chillies, coriander, cumin … add some ghee, or olive oil to make it smooth – some salad before – you will enjoy it. For dinner of course little is needed – a soup done with potatoes, peas, leek, some carrots and fry croutons with the best olive oil you get. Put them on top before serving and it’s just delicious. Bon appetite!